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Vent-Kitchen Range

Replaces original plastic vent. Lets out cooking air, Due to many of the old holes being stripped, we move the new holes (covering old) for a cleaner/stronger look and feel. Comes with flapper and S.S fasteners.


  $69.00 ea.


Interior Door Handle Extension

No more stubbed fingers. Extension clamps to door handle, no holes to drill.

  $39.00 ea.

Not Pictured


Strong Box

Heavy walled cast aluminum strong box with hardened steel lock.  Great for storing valuables, keys, doc's, etc.

Size 4" by 10" and 5" tall

  $99.00 ea.


Clothes Hanger

For extra storage, we mounted these under the two rear cabinets. Notches keep hangers in place. Made of durable aluminum, these hanger bars come as a pair.

Length: 13 "

  Pair $39.00 ea.


Emergency-parking Brake Extension

Save your arm. We now have an extension helper to apply that tough parking brakes. Slip the new handle over the end of the parking brake and tighten the screw This will allow the extension handle to slide forward and back to increase the leverage and not slip off.  When necessary to adjust brake, remove the brake extension, tighten brake and replace.

$49.00 ea.


Interior Rear View Mirror Extension Assembly  

Replaces existing rear view mirror mount and visor hooks. 

  $79.00 ea.


Not Pictured


Flower Vase

Something for the ladies. Anti-skid and anti-tip with its low center of gravity.

$29.00 ea.


Front Battery Tray

Sturdy aluminum battery tray for single battery.  Ball-burnished for long life.  Bolt down tray to existing brackets.  (You may need to drill new mounting holes to fit.) 

Battery area is 8" By 12-1/4"

  $69.00 ea.


Double Battery Tray

Sturdy Aluminum tray for 2 batteries. Ball-burnished for long life. You drill Mounting holes to bolt tray to existing brackets.  Battery area is 12-3/8" X 16-1/2"

$89.00 ea.


Rear Sliding Battery Tray

Sturdy cast aluminum SLIDING TRAY and TRACK for easy access to your rear battery. Tray and track are ball-burnished for long life and comes assembled.  All you do is mount track with 4 wood screws (provided). In closed position, tray is locked in at rear an bolted at front. (Bolt Included)

To service battery, pull out tray to full extension to lock it in place.  This frees you to work on battery. Battery space is 8-3/8" X 21" ( Use your existing hold down system to mount battery.)

$159.00 ea.


*Top Seller* Triple Battery Tray

Sturdy Aluminum tray for 3 batteries. Ball-burnished for long life. You drill Mounting holes to bolt tray to existing brackets on Passenger side. This tray has two areas for batteries: 10-5/8" x 14-3/4" & 10-3/8" x 7-3/16"  

 $159.00 ea.


Drivers Side Double Battery Tray

Mounts over chassis rail.  Remove the two 3/8" bolts on radiator clamp.  Set the tray on the frame rail and replace the two 3/8" bolts with new bolts furnished.  

Tray Battery area: 10-1/2" by 14-3/8" 

 $99.00 ea.

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