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Starter Bracket

This starter bracket is for an Onan Generator and is made of cast iron.  We recommend this strengthened heavy-duty bracket.

Size:  Approx. 7" X 4"

 $49.00 ea.


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Handy Storage Tray

Hold your extra bottles of oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, etc., in the engine compartment. Cast aluminum storage tray is ball-burnished and 4-1/2" By 11-1/2".  Open passenger side of the engine compartment and mount tray on top of flat headlight housing with two screws provided.

 $29.00 ea.




Transmission Cooler

Avoid transmission problems caused by over-heating.  This aluminum pan with fins on both the inside and outside pulls the heat out of your transmission oil.  Just remove the old steel and replace it with our temperature cooling aluminum pan. New bolts are furnished. Extra special features are a convenient drain plug, a tapped hole for heat gauge sensor, and increased capacity for an extra quart of oil.

GMC transmission 425  Engine 403 or 455

Models for Ford, Chevy and Dodge vehicles also available.

RV-30  $199.00 ea.


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RV-83 & RV-86

Final Drive Cooler Cover

The vital changing of the final drive oil is no longer a dirty job! This new COVER has a drain plug for simplifying oil changing.  Other benefits are aluminum fins for cooling, and increased capacity for approximately 1 pint.  There are two additional holes: a fill-hole which is plugged and a sensor-hole which is plugged.

COVER is ships with a new gasket and mounting bolts.

RV-86 FD for 8-hole final drives ( No gasket)

RV-83  $129.00 ea.



RV-86 $119.00 ea.


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Ram Air Scoop

For extra mileage and power this aluminum scoop mounts in the front grill, high on the driver's side.  Run a 4" dryer hose to the tube of the air cleaner (this allows cooler air to reach the carburetor, increasing power and mileage). installation instructions included.

Size of square opening: 7-3/4" X 2-1/2"

Dryer hose not included

$49.00 ea.


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LPG Door Vent

This liquid propane gas door vent conveniently allows you to reach in to shut off the LP valve.  Note: it is illegal to lock the LP door

  $49.00 ea.


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Angled Air Vents

Keep your engine cooler. These vents allow hot air to flow from the engine compartment of the coach. (Installation Instructions included)

8" pair

$49.00 pair



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