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Windshield Wiper Rest (Pair)

At stop mode the wipers ride up on the cam and do not stick to the windshield. S.S. fasteners included

  $29.00 pr.



Air-Bag Gravel Guard

Gravel and sand guard for your air bags. Cast Aluminum. One pair of guards with stainless nuts.

  $49.00 pr.


RV-117 & RV122

Onan Gen. Air-Deflector  4KW or 6KW

Air deflector sends airflow Parallel to ground, keeping filters cleaner.

 RV-117 6KW  $59.00 ea.

RV-122  4KW $59.00 ea.


Entrance Door bumper

Replacement for original Door Bumper. Glues on with 2-part Epoxy

  $39.00 ea.


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RV-108 or RV-108-BA 

*Top Seller* Screen Door

Stay cool in the summer with our new screen door designed just for the GMC motor home.  Door comes with rubber seal around perimeter.  Plastic slider allows easy access to latch, lock button and entrance door handle. No need to remove the nearly impossible hinge pins.  Our hinges anchor over over the existing hinges.

Note: The screen door fits snugly to the inside curve of the original stock entrance door.  The door "stop strap" and bracket must be removed.  Instructions for assembly, mounting and hardware are furnished.




$439.00 ea.


  Black Anodized Aluminum

$459.00 ea.


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Screen Door-Bumper Stop Adaptor

If the rubber door stop near the striker has been altered from original, you will need the RV-109 to restore stop to original configuration.  Distance to center of striker pin to rubber bumper stop.  Original dim. is 5/8" and the altered will be 1 1/4"

  $19.00 ea.


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*Top Seller* Door Stop Hook

This hook will keep the entrance door in a steady open position in the wind.  Works well with the screen door also.


  $29.00 ea.


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Easily folds up and out of the way
RV-19, RV19B

*Top Seller* Welcome Step

Finally, there is a cast aluminum step to match the contour and beauty of the GMC. Just drill 4 holes to mount easily (4 structural steel bolts included). Designed for strength and durability, this step is hinged so it can be folded up an out of the way when traveling.  A ball burnished version with lasting shiny finish is also available.

Size: Step area is 9" X 18"

RV-19 Aluminum $189.00 ea.


RV-19B Ball Burnished $209.00 ea.


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RV-21-Front and

Bumper Steps

These steps, for both front and rear, makes it easier to climb bumpers for windshield cleaning and rear ladder access.  They mount to existing holes on face of bumper. (The 3/8" stainless steel bolts are included)

Size: 9" X 4-1/2"

  RV-21F $59.00 ea.


RV-20R $59.00 ea.


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License Plate Bumper Step

Mounts using existing license plate mounting holes and folds down as a step.  Can be used with our RV-38 and we recommend our RV-10 handle to be used with this step. 

 $89.00 ea.


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Bumper Pad Platforms

Now you can stand securely on a flat surface on top of your bumper to clean the windshield or rear window.

3" X 11" platforms mount to existing bumper holes.

Pair  $49.00


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Front Flag Holder Handle

This aluminum front handle is mounted between the wipers to grab when climbing the bumper to wash the windshield.  Simply mount with two screws (provided). Goes great RV-21 Front Bumper step.  Also holds 3 flags.
Width: 7-1/2"


  $29.00 ea.


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Slip on  Flag Holders

These holders fit the standard mirror brackets.  Cast aluminum, they easily slide into the existing bracket slots. Hold two flags each


  $29.00 set.



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Permanent Flag Holders

Aluminum. Can be mounted anywhere.  You drill 2 holes, and screws are included. Hold two flags each.


  $29.00 set.


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License Plate Frame

Heavily constructed, this is a nice enhancement to the look of your coach.  Watch for our new designs for license plate frames for all Motor homes!

29.00 ea.


$49.00 pair


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*Top Seller* Entrance Door Handle (Interior)

Entrance Door Handle :  Replaces - Leather strap on entrance door.

Length:  18"

$39.00 ea.


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RV-07 and RV-07X

Entrance Door Handles

These extra-long Entrance Handles are made of aluminum.  The design makes it convenient for both adults and children when entering or leaving the motor home.

Note: RV-07 is for interior flat surface mounting only.  RV-07X (not pictured) is for external (curved surface) mounting.

Length:  21"

$39.00 ea.


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Long Utility Handle

Can be used independently or with our bumper steps or bumper pads.

(Burnished Aluminum)

Length:  16"

$29.00 ea.


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Comfort Handle

This Handle is for both interior and exterior use. Place them around the motor home. The handles are a real benefit.

(Burnished Aluminum)

Length:  16"

$29.00 ea.


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Safety Handle

Easy to grab, especially while traveling, this handle is perfect for added safety.  We put them throughout the motor home: at the refrigerator, in the bathroom, in the hall and in the bedroom.

(Burnished Aluminum)

Length:  9"

$19.00 ea.


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Signal Lights

Attention-getting side flasher lights--added safety when changing lanes or turning.  Mount at front ends of black rubber bumper stripes.  Splice to existing signal light wire.  All hardware and template furnished


Pair  $89.00 ea.


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Rear Ladder Kit

Hardware and instructions for you to custom fit, assemble and mount to your coach.  Includes cast aluminum steps, tubing, and stainless steel screws.  All castings are ball burnished.

 $389.00 kit


Not Pictured


Roof Rack

We now have a "Roof Rack" to go with the Ragusa ladder. It attaches to the ladder rails and uses the same ladder "L" brackets to provide a look of symmetry.  Comes with instructions, bent tubing, and fasteners that match our ladder.

Rack is Approx. 72" by 60"

$349.00 kit


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Ladder Brackets

If you have a ladder, you have extra storage!  Try a pair of our cast aluminum "clamp -on" brackets.  Carry bicycles, chairs, luggage, etc.  Fits any ladder 3/4" to 1" diameter.  Folds away when not in use.  Ball burnished to a shiny finish.


$79.00 pair


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Wind Wings

Curved clear plexi-glass wings on cast aluminum with an adjustable base.  Mounts to vertical post between windshield and slider window with stainless screws per side. (screws provided) Deflects cool air into driver and passenger area.


 $99.00 pair


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Mirror Bracket

Sculpted aluminum Brackets replace existing steel brackets. Accepts GMC mirror heads.

 $99.00 pair


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